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We're five days away from the highly anticipated, historical total solar eclipse that will forever change our lives and future.  Not really!  Is it just me, or does it seem like Salem is overreacting?  The entire town is shutting down for a two minute and 40 second experience.  I don't remember the eclipse of 1973 being that earth shattering? Salem is sure making the eclipse of 2017 the biggest news on the planet.  However you plan on witnessing this encounter, just remember who created the moon, sun, stars, galaxies, planets, and solar system.  The eclipse may be groovy-cool, but ultimately, the Almighty Creator of the Universe is the Great One.  As you watch the sky go dark and look into the heavens, don't forget to wear your solar approved viewing glasswear.  More importantly, don't forget to give all glory and praise to our Heavenly Father. The same Father that created the sun & moon, created you & me. (Psalm 139)

What if you and your friends and family paused for two minutes and 40 seconds following the eclipse, to pray and give thanks to God?  That's what I plan on doing.




map of eclipse.gif

Gateway Friends -

For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields.  And I will pour out my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your children.  Isaiah 44:3 NLT

109 degrees!!  Yes, this is the projected forecast for today. 

The hottest date in Salem on record goes back to August 17, 2002.  That day was 104.  With the HOT day ahead of us, may I encourage you to stay hydrated.  In addition to the practical ways to stay healthy, look closely at the words from Prophet Isaiah.  "I will pour out water to quench your thirst."   I'm so glad God cares for His kids and is able to meet the need.  The Gateway Team is ready to pray and support you.  Just give us a call.

This Sunday, Gateway begins our ONE service, ONE sermon series with a pancake breakfast at 9am and service at 10am.

Pastor Greg

Grace & Peace

*The Gateway Campus will be open today as a Cooling Center if you need a place to chill. 

*Reminder for Sunday Celebration Services in August -- ONE 10:00am service.

Gateway Friends -

Stacey and I are back from a memorable vacation at the Coast.  Nineteen of us celebrated my Dad's 80th birthday at Bella Beach.  I describe the get-a-way as follows: we had four amazingly memorable days and three sleepless nights.  When was the last time you had a three night slumber party with your whole family?  Crazy fun, but crazy loud with three grand-babies under the age of two; one big happy family under one big roof.

Friends, this is similar to what Gateway is planning for August.  Not a slumber party!  ONE big month of connection as we combine our celebration services into ONE.  For the month of August only, Gateway is going to ONE 10am service.  During this thrilling month, we will eat together, pray together, sing together, dive deeper into God's Word together.  For this ONE month, the focus will be on our shared PURPOSE & PASSION as a PEOPLE.  Join us each week as we eat pancakes, give away watermelons, watch the solar eclipse, pray, and pursue what matters most.  



Happy Wednesday Gateway! 

Here we are, right in the middle of summer, and it’s a busy season at Gateway!

We have just finished a wonderful week at VBS with about 60 kids, and we celebrated on Friday with a 100 ft. slip-n-slide.  Everyone had a great time and several of our children gave their lives to the Lord.   A big thank you to all who helped to make it a success!

This week, we have 14 teens and 2 adults at Camp Crestview.  Please be praying that the Lord would meet each one of them right where they need Him most.  I can’t wait to hear the stories.

‘Awaken the Dawn’, a prayer and worship rally for our state, is going on this Saturday on the steps of the capitol in downtown Salem.  The event will last from 10am until 9pm.  Feel free to come by for any or all of it and join brothers and sisters from all over Oregon.   II Chronicles 7:14 “ If my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.”

Gateway’s All Church Picnic is coming up on Sunday, July 30th.  Join us on the front lawn following second service.  We will be providing the main course and we’re asking everyone to bring a side dish and a pie for the pie contest. 

We will be celebrating baptisms as a family that day as well.  If you wish to be baptized, please contact the church office or let us know on Sunday.  There is still time.  If you’ve already been baptized, come and cheer them on.  It will be a blast!

Looking forward to celebrating all that God is doing in His people!!  See you Sunday!



Gateway Friends -

Do you remember the movie with Robin Williams, the military radio host, back in the 90's?  He would start each broadcast with a booming, "Good morning, Vietnam!"  Last Sunday, I shared a recommendation to start each day with a similar greeting.  "Good morning, Holy Spirit!"   I'm curious how your week is going and how you're starting each day?  The encouragement from Sunday's sermon is to cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Friends, the Holy Spirit is our Advocate, Counselor, Standby, Strengthener, and so much more.  We have access to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. (Eph. 3:12; Heb. 4:16).  With the sunny, summer weather and vacations, you may miss a Sunday at Gateway.  However, you never have to miss the message.  Listen on the Gateway App or online

Cheering for you!



Gateway Friends -

I hope your 4th of July celebrations were memorable!  We're gearing up for so many fun summer activities at Gateway.  VBS is next Monday through Friday . . . Youth Camps are later this month . . . The All-Church picnic is July 30th.   Check out the Gateway app or website for more info.

Enjoy the sunshine,



Gateway Friends -

Our country celebrates FREEDOM with 4th of July fireworks, BBQs, picnics, rodeos, carnivals, concerts, family reunions, wearing red-white-blue, and other fun traditions.  How is your family celebrating FREEDOM this July?  Two hundred forty-one (241) years ago, on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America. They were no longer part of the British Empire.  Like you, I am grateful for FREEDOM and independence as a nation.

In addition, I am also grateful for FREEDOM and DEPENDENCE on Christ Jesus.  I am FREE because of His great rescue mission.  I am FREE because of the Cross.  I am FREE because Christ died and rose again . . . for me and for you.  At Gateway this Sunday, we will celebrate FREEDOM during our Celebration Services with Communion at the Cross, encouraging worship, an inspirational look in the Word, and other memorable moments.

Join us as we declare our dependence upon the Savior.




SUMMER COMPASSION OPPORTUNITY - [Listen to the June 25th Sermon from Luke 10 for more information.]

  • Compassion is the catalyst

  • Compassion feels something

  • Compassion does something

  • Compassion costs something

This Summer, as you SEE the need, ask God to help you MEET the need.


Gateway Friends -

Summer has truly 'hit' the Willamette Valley this week.  Look at Sunday's 99 degree forecast.  Another great reason to go to Church is Gateway's Air Conditioning.  Join us at 9 or 11 for a 'cool' celebration of music, ministry and more!  Our Honduras Mission Team will be sharing stories and I will continue the Parables in Luke sermon series. Excited to see you!



It’s Wednesday Gateway family . . . 

Just a few more days till school is out, and Father's Day is this weekend.  Hopefully, you have plans to honor and love on Dad.  Gateway will be celebrating with some fun giveaways during service and hot dogs, root beer floats, and games right after second service.  It will be our way of loving on the Dads that are here this weekend.  Sunday is supposed to be nice so bring your favorite lawn chair or blanket and be ready to eat and play!

Can’t wait to see everyone this Sunday @ Gateway!

Aaron Mireles

Gateway Friends -

The first week of June is already behind us and we're swiftly moving toward the summer season.  Just when the weather starts improving and it looks like summer is here, we see rain in the forecast...again.  The weather in the Pacific NW is sometimes like 'life'; sunny skies and then, all of a sudden, thunderstorms and rain.  For some people, the unpredictability messes with our emotions and our outdoor plans.  For others, we just keep surging forward, regardless of the temperature.  Friends, regardless of the forecast, today is the day the LORD has made and we have the option to rejoice and be glad. (Psalm 118:24)

This Sunday at Gateway we will rejoice and celebrate.  The music will be uplifting.  The message will be equipping and encouraging as we look closer at Lukan Parables. We're honoring our Grads with gifts and blessings.  We're praying over the Honduras Missions Team.  We're hearing God-stories from Kenna James, who just returned from Kenya.  The new Gateway Café will be open for fresh coffee.  Kids Church will debut exciting summer plans for VBS . . . and so much more!  See you at 9 or 11. 





Gateway Friends -

Can you believe that today is the final day of May?  Oh my, tomorrow is June.  For some of you, this means the last days of school.  Finish strong students.  Gateway will be celebrating a lot in June.

June 4  -  Celebrating Jesus with Communion Sunday

June 11 - Celebrating Grads + Prayer Send off for Honduras Missions Team

June 18 - Celebrating Dads (root beer floats, hot dogs, field-day)

June 25 - Celebrating Summer

Join us on Sundays at 9 & 11 for inspirational music and an encouraging message.  This Sunday, we open our brand new Café and we will launch our new series: Lukan Parables.

praying & cheering for you



Gateway Friends -

Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.  Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. 

Philippians 3:12-14

This inspired passage of Scripture is a timely reminder to 'press on'.

Press on with only a couple weeks of school left.

Press on with the weather changes.

Press on with your current health challenges.

Press on with your financial situation.

Press on with relationships.

Press on with the laundry and dishes piling up.

Press on with forgiveness over an offense.

Press on with a greater devotion to God.

So many ways to press on this season.  May the LORD grace you and me as we 'forget what lies behind and reach forward'.

Press on and keep Pursuing what matters most.  I'm cheering and praying for you.



Happy Wednesday Gateway Family -

I hope you have had the opportunity to be with us at church the past 2 Sundays as we’ve studied the Women of Luke.  If you haven’t, I definitely want to encourage you to listen to the podcast on the Gateway App or on our website.

This past Sunday, as Pastor Greg took a deeper look at Mary, the mother of Jesus, I was struck by what a tremendous honor it was for Mary to be asked to carry God’s son.   Mary understood the magnitude of the honor and wrote her praise to God in a song, known now as the Song of Mary, or the Magnificat.  I remember singing Bach’s Magnificat in Latin when I was in school.  Just this week, I took another look at it in the Message version of the Bible and I would love to share that with you.

Mary said,

I’m bursting with God-news.

I’m dancing the song of my Savior God.

God took one look at me, and look what happened-

I’m the most fortunate woman on earth!

What God has done for me will never be forgotten,

The God whose name is holy, set apart from all others,

His mercy flows in wave after wave

On those who are in awe before Him.

 We, too, have been chosen!  We should be singing His praise right alongside Mary!  God took one look at me, and look what happened!  Tonight, at 7pm, we are having a Prayer and Praise night at Gateway.  Take this opportunity to join us and give praise back to God.

Hope to see you there!



Gateway Friends -

Woah!  Did the powerfully 'pink' message from Pastor Stacey on Sunday 'rock your world'?  The feedback from 'Choose the Best' has been tremendously positive.  The depth of teaching has stretched my paradigm and has me doing the dishes this week.  Some of the quotable moments from Sunday's sermon:

"loss of focus causes us to question God's care"

"loss of focus causes us to find fault in others"

"loss of focus causes us to miss what really matters most"

"Jesus was the first feminist."

"Jesus wasn't gender biased; He was breaking down barriers."

"Jesus didn't segregate; He was inclusive, not exclusive."

"Circumcision...women couldn't participate in..."

"Jesus got rid of the boys' club."

"Men and Women were not created the same, but were created equal...Scandalous"

"Jesus was counter-cultural with His reaction toward women."

"Be devoted to Jesus more than doing for Jesus."

You can listen to the full message at or from the new Gateway App. 

We will tackle this 'scandalous' topic with part two of the series - "Women in Luke" on Mother's Day (5/14) during both the 9 & 11am celebration services. 

Luke 8:1-3



Gateway Friends -

It's been 10 days since Easter and I have great news.  Jesus is still alive! 

Friends, the Word is alive as well.  Earlier this week, I was reading in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 10.  Many of you are familiar with the S.O.A.P. Life Journaling method and I thought I would share mine from Sunday, April 23.

Scripture -

MATTHEW 10:20 ESV  For it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

Observation -

<WHO> Jesus instructions were not vague.  Avoid the Gentiles and Samaritans.  Go to the House of Israel (Jews). 

<WHERE> Jesus instructed his disciples to 'go' to a certain area.  

<WHAT>  Jesus instructions included specifics.  Don't receive money, speak peace when you enter, knock the dust off…  Jesus said, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, cast out demons. 

With the Who, What, Where being laid out, there's one big thing missing, HOW?  How will they accomplish this big task?  This is where verse 20 provides the answer: …but the Spirit of your Father will speak through you.  We may feel like we know the where, who, what, but the HOW is vitally important.  The Spirit speaking through you is essential.

Application -

Stay focused on the mission of where, what, who, but rely more on the Spirit for the HOW.

  • How do I live > through the Spirit
  • How do I work > through the Spirit
  • How do I relate > through the Spirit
  • How do I speak > through the Spirit
  • How do I forgive > through the Spirit
  • How do I accept > through the Spirit
  • How do I lead > through the Spirit
  • How do I minister > through the Spirit
  • How do I parent / grandparent > through the Spirit

Prayer -

Thank you Jesus, for reminding the disciples of old and me today, how to operate and live a life on mission.  Will you fill me fresh today with Your Spirit.  Pour in me and work through me.  NO matter where, no matter what, no matter when, no matter who . . . may it all be done THROUGH Your Spirit.  Like the first disciples, I choose to follow you and your way - the way of the Spirit.

If you would like to start Journaling, the S.O.A.P. method is an easy and effective one.  In fact, the Life Journal is on the new Gateway App.  Download today and start reading the Word; it will transform your life.


Pursue what matters most / Matt 6:33

*Join us at Gateway this Sunday for Missions & Baptisms

Gateway Friends -

Thank you for sharing your Easter weekend with the Gateway community.  What a weekend! Gateway hosted our first ever Tenebrae Good Friday service and nearly 200 people encountered the cross in a meaningful way.  Was that your first Tenebrae?  What were your impressions/feedback?  Other than the blackout finale being a bit dark for some, I have heard positive and encouraging feedback.

Three Celebration services on Easter Sunday brought nearly 500 people onto our campus.  Did you enjoy the opening dance and song with the kids as much as I did?  The music was marvelous, the cookies were endless, the photo booth was a blast, the friendly-factor was energetic, the poem and message were inspiring - but the best part of Sunday was seeing four more people say "YES" to Jesus.

Several of you have asked where I found my Pacman suit and some even asked if you could have it when I was finished.  You can find almost anything online, and you can get your own Pacman suit for next year.  I'm saving mine for another special occasion.

Remember...Preach the gospel at all times, but WHEN NECESSARY, use words.


Pursue what matters most

Gateway Friends -

We're two days away from GOOD FRIDAY, three days away from TAX DAY, and four days away from RESURRECTION SUNDAY.  Besides the one in the middle, I am thrilled for this HOLY WEEK.

Earlier this week, Stacey and I added a new, and uniquely special, HOLY WEEK experience.  We walked "The Way of the Cross" across from Broadway Commons/Salem Alliance Church.  As we wandered through the warehouse maze, we encountered the final days of Christ in a three-dimensional, art-filled, visceral, meaningful way.  The Way of the Cross is open M-F from 8:30am-8:30pm this week.  Check it out!

Check out Gateway's Good Friday, Tenebrae service at 7pm.  This Family friendly service will be like none other Gateway has hosted on a Good Friday.  I invite you to join us for this dark/light/gloomy/hazy/amazing Christ-Connection.  In preparation for this service, you may want to read Luke 24, pray and ready your heart to be stirred and inspired.  At the conclusion of the Tenebrae service, we encourage you to exit in silence, remembering the sacrifice Christ has made for you personally.  Childcare will be available for babies to 5yrs.

Check out Gateway's Resurrection Celebration Services Sunday, <8:30 / 10 / 11:30>  This will be a fun, upbeat, bouncing, joyous, praise-filled, dance-filled day with delicious treats, an applicable word, and sweet connections with family and friends.  The Gateway photo-booth will be open after each service.  Extra parking will be available at Judson Middle School, (around the corner on Jones Road).  Excited to meet your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

Praising the LORD  

(Psalm 148)




How's the new Gateway App working for you?  If you have a story to share, we would enjoy hearing how the Life Journal, the Podcast, the Calendar, the Bible, the easy ways to Give, . . . how the App is helping you?

Gateway Friends -

The next two weeks will be a thrill around Gateway!  This Sunday is Palm Sunday and we're building a bounce house for the kids and offering a delicious brunch for everyone at 10am. Celebration services are t 9am & 11am.

Next Friday, we will host a significant experience at the cross during our Good Friday service at 7pm.  This will be a family service, but childcare is available for babies to 5 yrs old in our newly remodeled Nursery-Toddler rooms.

April 16 is Resurrection Sunday!  Three Celebration services will be offered - 8:30/10/11:30. Be sure to om early and get a seat, because our kids are opening the service with song and dance.  Pop in for a fun family pic at the Photo booth, and in us at the café for plenty of yummy treats and bold NW coffee.  All of our first time guests will receive a Gateway We-Care-bag. 

We're excited to meet your friends and family.  You may have noticed on Sundays, during the Worship, that prayer and ministry is available AT THE CROSS.  Gateway is a safe place for you to receive prayer, encouragement, healing, and a divine touch from God.  We invite you to bring your needs.  Gateway is a grace-place and our heart is to partner with you in prayer. 

Meet you AT THE CROSS.


Pursue what matters most[Matthew 6:33]

11 days to Easter :)

**The Gateway App launched on Sunday, April 2nd!   It's simple to use and a super helpful resource for connecting with Gateway (calendar, Life Journal, Bible, podcast, giving)Download from App Store "Gateway4" and enjoy the easy, accessible new cool tool.   

Be sure to click on CONNECT and then CONNECT CARD and send us your current information.  If you have a new address, or if there is a possibility we don't have your address, please add it to the Info box at the bottom.  

Greetings Gateway Family,

Can you believe this weekend is the beginning of April??   As I drive through our beautiful city and see trees beginning to blossom and daffodils blooming, I am filled with hope – hope that winter is over and new life is coming!! 

There is certainly new life at Gateway this spring.  We will be celebrating Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter in just a couple of weeks.  Be sure to watch for special service times and events for you and your family and friends to join in.  Don’t forget to grab a stack of touch cards or a yard sign to help you invite others during this special season. 

“It” is coming!!  This Sunday, April 2nd, “It” will be revealed.  Make sure you join us at the 9 or 11 am service to find out the latest Gateway news. 

Have a blessed Spring Break!!  See you Sunday!

~ Lynn Mireles