Dear Gateway Family -

I'm still on a 'high' from last week's service!   I LOVE MY CHURCH!  Seeing so many of you in the awesome shirts was definitely a highlight, as were the testimonies of those  office.

It was fun to celebrate the 16 years I have been the pastor of Gateway and to remember the great things that God has done in that time.  One of the blessings of pastoring in the same place for as many years as I have, is that you really get to see God's faithful hand over time - in our community as a whole, but also, in your individual stories of growth and faith.  I am honored that God has chosen me to shepherd this incredible group of people, and I am grateful for the appreciation that you showed to Stacey and I.  Thank you all for making the day special.  Thank you for the kind words that many of you expressed in special cards, and for your generous gifts. 

Now it's MY turn to appreciate!!  Sometimes, in 'Pastor Appreciation Month," the senior pastor gets all of the attention.  I want to make sure that the other pastors in our midst know how much I, and hopefully you, appreciate them too!  Please join me for the rest of the month in appreciating these pastors that work so faithfully at Gateway:

         Stacey Schaub - my right hand girl and my beautiful wife of 28 years.  Some of you may not realize that she is an ordained minister.  She has served by my side every minute of the time that I've been the senior pastor here, and Gateway wouldn't be the same without her!

         Aaron Mireles - my right hand man.  We hired Pastor Aaron earlier this year, and I know that we can all see the blessing that he has been to our community.  In that short time he has revamped/redecorated our building, switched around our office space to make room in the Children's wing, provided great leadership in rebuilding our Kid's Ministry, led a hugely successful VBS, leads youth, and a life group and much, much more.    

         Lynn Mireles - Pastor Aaron's mom.  Lynn is an ordained Foursquare minister and has years of experience as a pastor and chaplain.  I am grateful for her partnership, both in my Divisional responsibilities and here at Gateway.

         Rebecca Nguea-Njoh.  My daughter is a licensed foursquare pastor, and has ministered to the young (and old!) in our midst.

And of course there are countless staff members and congregants who have a 'Pastoral Heart' and lead different ministries and Life Groups...too many to mention!  Again - Gateway wouldn't be the same without the care of the many leaders in our midst.  Please show your appreciation this month to them as well.