Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. Psalm 96:3 NIV

Gateway Friends -

Have you ever looked up the definition for a word in the dictionary?  I searched GOOGLE online and discovered what the word missions means? 

This Sunday at Gateway, we will do better than define missions.  We will share mission and hear from missionaries.  Join us at 9 & 11 as we sing and celebrate God, who sent His Son on the first mission adventure in history when He sent His Son, Jesus.

Gateway Global Missionaries:

Denise Johnson / Poland

Cole Family / Laos

Wani Family / YWAM-Africa

Cooper Family / East Asia


Gateway Local Missions:

Storehouse Outreach

Holiday Coat Give Away (Nov)

Judson Middle School

Room at the Inn Christmas Outreach

Thank you for prayerfully considering ways to pray, give and go. This Sunday, we will receive a second offering to help our sponsored missionaries and the projects we're aiming to complete in 2016-17.


  1. an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.   "a trade mission to Mexico"

    • a group of people sent on a mission.

      "by then, the mission had journeyed more than 3,500 miles"

    • an organization or institution involved in a long-term assignment in a foreign country.

      "the head of the West German missiion


  2. the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith. "the Christian mission"

          synonyms:vocationcallinggoalaimquestpurposefunction, life's work