Gateway Friends,

Praise the Lord for the greatness of His name.  Bring a gift and come to Him.  Worship the Lord clothed in His holiness.    1 Chronicles 16:29 NLV

When I think about 'holy clothing', the last thing on my mind are the ugly Christmas sweaters we see this time of year.  All that being said, Gateway invites you to wear your favorite Christmas sweater this Sunday.  We may even have some prizes for ugliest, cutest, craziest, holiest? 

At Gateway, we hope you feel welcome and comfortable to come as you are, to wear what you want.  Whether you're a northwest flannel-guy, like Pastor Aaro, or a snazzy suit-wearing dude, like Pastor Greg, all are welcome.  I believe Jesus looks on the inside more than the outside. 

his Christmas, open your heart to the wonder of his love, peace, hope, joy and the grace hat e sufficiently supplies.  The December Sermon Series,  "t's a __________fe" continues this week with, part 2 - "t's a HOPEFUL life."  You can listen to last wee' message online,   "It's a PEACEFUL f"- 

Know Jesus personally

Grow with Jesus purposefully

Go for Jesus passionatel