Gateway Friends,


Stacey and I found this adorable little church in Oysterville, WA earlier this week. Built in 1892 with pew seating for 75, divided down the middle by his/hers pews. A jet black comfort stove sits near the middle of the sanctuary and helps heats the small church. Dim Oil lamps line the walls and a simple platform holds an old rugged pulpit. A very old piano and organ bookend the front altar. A stack of Hymnals lay in the corner. And an outhouse sits out back. 

As I sat in a pew about halfway back in this 100+ year old local treasure, I was reminded of my deep appreciation for the Gateway community. I also was nudged by the Spirit to recognize God's love for the local church. He sent His only Son to die for the church. We are His treasure. You may feel old, small, rugged, and a little rusty, but know that Jesus loves you, adores you, and gave His life for you. 

Join the Gateway community on Good Friday at 6pm for a simple, yet significant hour experiencing the cross and communion. 



  • Good Friday    6-7pm
  • Easter Sunday  8:30 / 10 / 11:30