Gateway Friends,

Gateway Friends,

Recently a family member asked me, "What is your favorite Bible verse?"  Since I have so many, my immediate response was, "the Scripture I read today during devotions."  One of my favorite Bible verses in the Psalms is: How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!        Psalm 133:1

When you pray for Gateway, what do you pray for?  A better question may be, who do you pray for (kids, youth, staff, pastor, missionary, ?)  Lately, I have been praying for Gateway to experience two things.

#1 Divine encounters with Worship and the Word.

#2 Unity among God's people.

If you were at Celebration services Sunday, September 18th, we experienced an incredibly divine encounter with God during Worship.  Thank you, Jesus, for meeting us.  Thank you Karen, Bill, Stacey, Judy, David, LC, Cassie, Jeff, Dan, and the Praise Team for leading us into God's presence.

Following services Sunday, we hosted our annual Connections Fair and the unity, energy, and excitement was palpable.  Look at some of these significant stats: 

20 Ministry opportunities were on display/offered.

157 people signed up to be involved!

This means that more than 75% of Gateway adults chose to engage, invest, and commit to ministry this fall.  This will be a catalyst for change, and momentum will certainly build.  

Thank you for committing your life to community.  You and Gateway will benefit and be blessed, but more importantly, God will be glorified and honored.  As we launch the fall season, may you experience more divine encounters and unity.