Gateway Friends,

Many of the Gateway gals had a memorable Retreat last weekend, and for that we rejoice.  Most of the Dads made it to church with their kids in pajamas, and the pancake buffet was a hit.  As we move into the month of Thanksgiving, my heart rejoices, but it is also broken.  Rejoicing over the amazing ways God is moving in our community. . . broken for the tragic shooting in Texas, Sunday.  How can one's heart be filled with hope, and hurt at the same time?  Will you join the prayers of our nation as we lift up the families affected in Sutherland, TX. The fatal statistics are unimaginable, especially since half of the victims were children.  Oh, God, have mercy.

Friends, this dreadful event is beyond my understanding and that is why I'm leaning and trusting in the LORD. (Proverbs 3:5-6)  Some of you have asked if Gateway is prepared for an emergency of this magnitude?  I don't know if any church is fully prepared for such evil and hate.  However, our Gatekeepers and Leadership have activated emergency protocols that will instill safety and security for our precious flock.  If you have concerns or questions about the recent shootings or about ways to participate in Gateway's safety and security team, please email or call me.  This is not a season to panic or be paranoid, rather, we will be prepared.

Hurting, but HOPEFUL,