Gateway Friends -

We love, because He first loved.  1 John 4:19

Millions of couples will celebrate Valentine's Day.  Eighteen (18) billion is the projected amount that will be spent on chocolate, cards, flowers, and jewelry.  The average couple will invest $137 on this silly holiday celebrating love.  As a romantic, I'm okay with Valentine's Day, but as a realist, this day is more of a cultural and commercial phenomenon.  Does your relationship really require a specific day to focus on love?  The history of Valentine's Day is not even Christian in nature.  Most historians suggest the roots of Valentine's is based on pagan traditions.  Friends, hopefully your feelings for that special someone are rooted in authentic, humble, pure love. 

My heart's desire is that you know, at the core of your being, that Jesus loves you.  You are His beloved.  He has given so much more than chocolate, flowers, or jewelry.  Jesus paid it all for our sins and gave His life on the cross.  Now that is true love.  Remember, on this worldly day of celebrating love, that Jesus loved us first.