Happy Friday Gateway Friends,

Just a quick note to invite you to Sunday's celebration services at 9 & 11am.  Last week we rejoiced with new life in Christ, twelve water baptisms, and 497 in attendance.  The place was packed, and we brought out all the chairs we could find.  What a joy it was to see you warmly welcoming the new guests to Gateway.  I was able to meet many of those sharing their first Sunday at Gateway, and several said they would be back.  This Sunday, we will hear inspiring stories from Generation Unleashed Youth and the Men's Retreat experience.  Pastor Aaron and I will be sharing a timely message as we continue the Pursue What Matters Most series.

I wonder if you could help us in three specific ways?

#1Please park in the outer parking area so our guests can enjoy the closer spots.

#2We're seeking more friendly greeters to add to the team for Sunday morning 

       services.  Contact the office if interested 503.364.3551.

#3Continue to invite your friends and family.  Continue welcoming our new guests. 

Let's help everyone experience the "friendliest church in the Willamette Valley".  God is stirring amazing momentum in our midst.  What a thrilling season to PURSUE Jesus.



Matt 6:33