Gateway Friends,

If you're under the age of 40, you don't remember 1977.  For the rest of us, 1977 was a special year.  Special, not only because of the music (BeeGees, Manilow, Streisand, Abba), the movies (Star Wars, Rocky) and bell bottom pants, but because 1977 was the year this amazing church started building momentum.  

In fact, our church name has not always been Gateway.  We have been called New Life Fellowship, Life Fellowship, South Salem Foursquare, and currently Gateway.  Five different Pastors have led the charge.  Thank you David Alloway, Bob Nash, Nate Krupp, and Morris Brown.  

During the last 40 years, we have moved from the first pastor's home, to the YMCA downtown, to Pringle Park Club House on South Commercial street, to a small building with property on Sunnyside, to a massive middle school-Crossler, and to our current location on Idylwood.  Oh my, four church names, five pastors, and six locations.

As we look back on our 40 year history, there is much to rejoice over.  Special thanks to Corky Hooton (40yrs), Bob & Susan House (38yrs), Larry & Sallie Hayworth (28yrs). Seventeen years ago, Stacey and our five children moved from California to Salem.  The first Sunday we arrived, 33 people were in attendance.  I think that included the Schaub seven. The adventure has been memorable and now we look to the future.  Gateway's focus for this 40th year is, PURSUE what matters most (Matt 6:33; Prov 21:21).

Last Sunday, February 5, we celebrated the 40 year anniversary and shared the vision for 2017 -To KNOW Jesus personally, to GROW purposefully, and to GO passionately.  Thank you for making history with the Gateway community.  The future is bright with Jesus.