Gateway Friends -

Believe it or not, I am drafting this note while the sun is shining outside.  A minor miracle for the PNW (Pacific Northwest).  As we have been diving deeper into Luke's Gospel, many of you have given positive and helpful feedback.  For those who would like to catch up on a Sunday sermon, you can listen online to the Podcasts:  During our series=Go Fish, we started with an introduction of Luke, the author, artist, musician, physician, and so much more.  Week 2 we looked at Jesus' selection of the Twelve. On that Sunday, we passed out five Touch cards for you to invite your friends to Gateway's incredible Easter season services.  "Who's your five?"  Week 3 we learned how much Luke discusses FOOD throughout the gospel.  We even had a table set with china and a delicious roast.  Remember, it's not WHAT is on the table that matters, but WHO is around the table.  I encourage you to invite your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers to a family meal.  This is a great way to reach out.  

This week, we will dive into one of my favorite topics: Worship.  Join us as we discover the importance of rejoicing everyday.  Luke has some inspired thoughts about music/worship/rejoicing, that no other Gospel writer does.

For those travelling during this Spring break, my prayers are with you.  I look forward to seeing you next week, as we roll-out a super special pre-Easter option. "It" is coming and you won't want to miss the launch of "it" on April 2nd!

~Thank you for your responses last week to the Jesus art. David B, Tamra, Sandrea, and Kurt were the first to respond and win Great Harvest Gift Cards.


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