Gateway Friends -

Woah!  Did the powerfully 'pink' message from Pastor Stacey on Sunday 'rock your world'?  The feedback from 'Choose the Best' has been tremendously positive.  The depth of teaching has stretched my paradigm and has me doing the dishes this week.  Some of the quotable moments from Sunday's sermon:

"loss of focus causes us to question God's care"

"loss of focus causes us to find fault in others"

"loss of focus causes us to miss what really matters most"

"Jesus was the first feminist."

"Jesus wasn't gender biased; He was breaking down barriers."

"Jesus didn't segregate; He was inclusive, not exclusive."

"Circumcision...women couldn't participate in..."

"Jesus got rid of the boys' club."

"Men and Women were not created the same, but were created equal...Scandalous"

"Jesus was counter-cultural with His reaction toward women."

"Be devoted to Jesus more than doing for Jesus."

You can listen to the full message at or from the new Gateway App. 

We will tackle this 'scandalous' topic with part two of the series - "Women in Luke" on Mother's Day (5/14) during both the 9 & 11am celebration services. 

Luke 8:1-3