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Today, many children in the Willamette Valley will be back to school.  My prayers are with these students and parents as they begin the FALL schedule.  It’s the time of year when backpacks overflow with supplies and classrooms fill with students!  As parents, we plan and purchase.  Some labor over the preparations; others have barely enough time to prepare at all.  We make choices and selections for school settings, classes, teachers, and extra-curricular activities.

And now there’s not much more we can do except begin the routine.  Start the day.  Only there is one more thing we can do, whether we’ve done it before now or not.  We can pray.

Pray for our hearts as parents who are trying our best not to worry and fear over our kids and their education.

Pray for the impressionable minds of our children who are learning and cultivating their thought processes.

Pray for all those involved in our educational experiences, whether it’s the bus driver, teacher’s aide, school secretary, nurse, principal, therapist, or teacher. 

Whether we’ve chosen home-school, public school or private education, let’s pray this prayer together over our children and our role as parents in their school experience.

Dear Heavenly Father,

School has started once again and we praise You for a fresh beginning.  May our hearts remember to seek you first each day.  We praise You for every individual involved in our education; and we ask for the wisdom, safety and protection only You can give.

Thank you for giving us strength to meet new milestones.  May we rely on You to help us move peacefully through each routine and to master every challenge.  Thank You for loving us and giving us one another.  Thank You for the gift of a new school year.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen



ateway launched the Rooted sermon series on Sunday and will continue this week with another stirring message.  A quick recap from last Sunday: I am Groot.  We must be rooted in the Trinity - the GOOD, GOOD Father, the GRACE-GIVING Son, and look to the Holy Spirit for GUIDANCE.  You can listen online [