Gateway Friends -

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you..." James 4:8

So much has happened during this 21 Day Fast.  Gateway brothers and sisters are sharing their sweet connections with the Savior.  Hearing the wHISper of clarity, direction, purpose, vision, greater understanding, and ultimately, a deeper love with Jesus.  Making prayer and fasting a priority is important.  We must make sure we don't turn it into work.  The motive is to seek God, to enjoy God, to pursue God.  The primary purpose is relationship building as we draw near to God.  As we finish the 21 Day Fast (5 more days), try mixing up your prayer routine.  Take a prayer walk in the rain.  Listen to a worship song. Pray through a Psalm.  Sit in silence for 5 minutes.

This Sunday, during both celebration services (9&11), we will finale the 21 Day Fast with rejoicing, testimonies, and praise.  We will also share a Gateway Cambodia Team recap video.  Our WHISPER sermon series will wrap up with the inspiring story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22).

Leaning in and Listening



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