spring day.jpg

Gateway Friends,

Yesterday was the first official day of spring.  The grass is growing and flowers are beginning to blossom and that means allergies are in the air.  It also means we're 'playing' in the yard this Saturday at Gateway.  Join the fun and bring a rake to help spread some bark.

Holy Week launches this Sunday, March 25th.  Gateway will host two services at 9&11am and our children are singing during both services.  A light brunch in the café will be available and a bounce-house will be set up in the back yard.  Invite your friends and join us for Palm Sunday Celebration.

This Sunday we will launch a new sermon series titled: YOU ASKED FOR IT.  Submit your questions about God, culture, religion, whatever, and I will attempt to answer your questions in April. You can email, Instagram, message me through the Gateway4.com website, or jot your questions down on a piece of paper and place them in a basket on Sunday.