Gateway Friends

We're at the mid mark of Holy Week and some of you have asked what happened on each day of Jesus' final week? offers a decent description. The horizontal axis shows time, and the vertical axis shows space. Proximity of the lines shows who interacted with whom. Constructed from a harmony of the Gospels, this chart is an interpretation; the timing of some events in the Holy Week narrative is open to debate.

What is consistent and true is Christ's purpose to honor and obey his Father, by going to the cross on Friday. After a day in the tomb, Christ-followers celebrate the holiest day of the Holy Week. Resurrection Sunday! 

My prayer is that you will experience Jesus in amazing ways this Holy Week.

Grateful for Friday/Cross 

Touched by Saturday/Tomb

Thrilled for Sunday/Resurrection





For all who shared their Saturday, last week - thank you for helping beautify the campus (inside/out).