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Gateway Friends -

Did you hear ... The sun may shine today?  Either way, God is faithful.  Were you encouraged and equipped by Sunday's timely message about Mental Health and the Church's response?  One of the ways we may stay encouraged and equipped is to live a devoted life in the Word.  Reading, relying, studying, journaling, praying through the Holy Scriptures.  Psalm 59 is ministering to me this week.  Here's my S.O.A.P. journal:

Scripture - Psalm 59:16-17   The Passion Translation

"But as for me, your strength shall be my song of joy.  

At each and every sunrise, my lyrics of your love will fill the air!

For you have been my glory-fortress,

a stronghold in my day of distress.

O my strength, I sing with joy your praises.

O my stronghold, I sing with joy your song!

O my Savior, I sing with joy the lyrics of your faithful love for me."

Observation // DO I WAKE UP EACH AND EVERY SUNRISE WITH A SONG of JOY?  Not most days.  The Psalmist is drawn to song because he realizes where his strength lies.  Even in distress, he sings with joy.  How is that even possible?  I think it is because he knows he is loved.  What will my lyrics be today?  What is my song of joy?

Application // Roll out of bed humming a new song of praise to the One who strengthens and sustains.  Not every once in awhile.  Not once a month.  Not only on Sundays.  Roll out with joy every day.  Roll out with praise instead of complaints.  Roll out with hope and expectation for the Almighty to reveal more and more of His faithful love. 

Prayer // Almighty One-  I’ve already rolled out of bed, showered and dressed for the day, but help me with a song of joy today.  Help me tomorrow to roll out at sunrise with joy.  Help me roll out the next day with joy.  On a joy ride with Jesus and loving every moment of it. 

Friends, enjoy the rich gift of Scripture.  Hold onto God's promises.