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What's so special about June 6, 2018?  Did you know, it's NATIONAL YO-YO DAY?!

Every year on June 6 we recognize the fun holiday, National Yo-Yo Day.  This day celebrates this historic toy.  It is the perfect day to get out your yo-yos and try your hand at The Sleeper, Walk the Dog, Shooting the Moon, Around the World, or Hop the Fence.

The yo-yo is an object that consists of an axle connected to two disks and a length of string looped around the axle.  It is played by holding the free end of the string, allowing gravity or the force of a throw to spin the yo-yo and unwind the string, then allowing the yo-yo to wind itself back up again.  This is called “yo-yoing.”

It is believed that the yo-yo was first invented in ancient Greece.  There is a Greek vase painting, from 500 BC, that shows a boy playing with a yo-yo.

The yo-yo was made popular in America when Donald F. Duncan, Sr. manufactured the Duncan Yo-Yo in the early 1900s.  The name “Yo-Yo” was first registered as a trademark in 1932.

  • In 1999, the Duncan Yo-Yo was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York.
  • The National Yo-Yo Museum is located in Chico, California.
  • Yo-yoing is a term often used to describe a person fluctuating between two difficult decisions.    
  • Friends, you may feel like your life is like a Yo-Yo, filled with ups & downs; highs & lows.  Already this month (less than one week into June), I have experienced the downs of close friends saying goodbye to family members.  The passing of loved ones from this life to heaven is full of emotion; the emotional Yo-Yo of sadness and grief, but also joy and hope.  This week I have experienced the highs of saying hello to new life.  Our fifth grandchild joined this world and the Yo-Yo of emotions continues.

Whether you're up or down, know that the Holy Spirit is close and will comfort, counsel, correct, challenge, boost confidence and nudge you to be more like Christ Jesus.  If you would like prayer this week, please contact the Gateway Team.  We're here for you.

following the nudges