Gateway Friends

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Gateway Friends -

Today, our Gateway Crew (Staff) took a field trip to CAFE 22 for yummy treats.  This amazing team has stepped up this summer.  Last week's VBS was a smashing success and Sunday's first ever indoor picnic was a blast!  When you see the guys/gals, please help thank them for their care, compassion, leadership, dedication, and devotion to the Gateway community.  Just so you know who's who, here's a list of names and their ministry role (from left to right).

Louis-Claude / Bookkeeper+

Mike Brown / Facilities

Heather Voigt / Ministry Support

Lynn Mireles / Missions & Discipleship Pastor

Stacey Schaub / Pastor + Women's Ministries

Corky Hooton / Office Administrator

Cassie Hooton / Communications & Graphics

Jackie Noble / Asst. Children's Coordinator

Aaron Mireles / Executive Pastor 

Matthew Tacey / G4 Intern

[not pictured:  Pastor Greg, Kristin Gawne, Karen Lytle]

Join us Sunday at 9&11am as we continue our sermon series: GRIT.

Doing Church as a Team