Gateway Friends


"but the godly are as BOLD as lions." Prov 28:1b

Gateway Friends - 

How’s the second week of the 21 day fast going? How’s your time in the Word? How’s your prayer life?

Be encouraged and keep pressing into Jesus.  I believe the LORD has a significant word for you. At our weekly staff huddle, we discussed the Fast as a team and ways we're being encouraged. Ways we have been hearing from God during the fast?

Matthew Tacey (G4 intern) - "The gospel is something that was given to us and we are in debt to God until we pass it on."

Jackie Noble (Children's Ministries) - "fine tuning . . . hearing from God.  Fasting time tunes that.  I'm listening closely to the 'yes" or 'no'...   deliberate intention to stop - open my ears - what am I hearing?  Good exercise ... listening to Him say     'I love you; ;I delight in you'."

Aaron Mireles (Executive Pastor) - Romans 12:2 - test and approve His will ... conformed and transformed.  Fasting is an opportunity  to break those things --- patterns and behaviors... become aware of those patterns.  God is working.      Becoming more aware of the patterns that need to be changed."