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And as they stepped into the tomb, they saw a young man sitting on the right, dressed in a long white robe. The women were startled and amazed.  Mark 16:5 

STAY AMAZED! That was the Resurrection Sunday message at Gateway4.  We're three days post Easter and I'm curious if you're staying amazed by God's sufficient grace and great love?  For Jesus followers in the 1st century, the 'church' began to expand and grow in the days following the Resurrection.  May this be true of us.  May your faith and boldness increase.  Look at some of the encouraging #'s from Holy Week.

663 people over four services
300+ goodies eaten in the cafe

160 tulips planted

149 large nails

100+ pictures taken under the arch

1 amazing tomb scene in Kids church

13 worship songs

4 little chicks

6 kids said YES to JESUS
4 adults said YES to JESUS