Gateway Friends,

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Gateway Friends,

This weekend in Kids' Church, we're learning about the coming of the Holy Spirit.  While I was looking up verses related to that topic, I went back to Joel 2.  That's where the Lord originally said, "I will pour out my Spirit on all peoples."  Before that, He's talking to people who are experiencing great loss.  He tells them that He understands the hard times they are going through, and that He wants them to turn to Him.  Then He tells them of His plans to restore - restore blessing into their lives, restore joy, restore what was lost. 

I love that. God is so merciful; no matter what we have suffered, He says, "All is not lost! I will restore! You will once again have gain."

Then the Holy Spirit shows up. In Acts 1-2, Jesus tells His followers that they will receive power when the Spirit comes to live in them; to live in us. The Spirit gives power to tell people about Him and show what He's like, become what He's like.

Good news, right?!


Jackie Noble

Gateway Kids

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